Nourish Your Soul

Who am I? And why am I here? As we carefully examine this question, it can take us on the start of a self-care journey that will begin to nourish our soul. If you’re like me, you’ve let a great deal of life go by taking care of others… and not taking care of yourself.… Continue reading Nourish Your Soul


Fear. Such a small word. Even the word itself evokes a certain feeling and perhaps brings up an unwelcome memory or two. It’s a word that comes with big consequences… and even bigger opportunities. For me, the type of fear that comes with the biggest consequences and even bigger opportunity is the fear of making… Continue reading Fear

The Impossible Dream

On a warm June evening in 1973, nearly 200 high school seniors milled about their school for the last time. Today was graduation day. Caps were carefully placed on freshly styled hair… graduation gowns flapped gently in the breeze. Tears glistened on faces with each hug; fists pumped with nervous excitement. Girls walked by holding… Continue reading The Impossible Dream