Fear. Such a small word. Even the word itself evokes a certain feeling and perhaps brings up an unwelcome memory or two. It’s a word that comes with big consequences… and even bigger opportunities.

For me, the type of fear that comes with the biggest consequences and even bigger opportunity is the fear of making a decision.

Decision fear can keep us paralyzed. Most recently it hit while I was making the big decision about retirement. Fear thoughts swirled in my head. I questioned and requestioned myself. Was I afraid to take that next step, that giant leap and make that big decision?

Yes. I was afraid. I’ve certainly faced my share of fears throughout life, and the thought of retiring brought up several fears, with the biggest being the fear of not having enough money (for greater clarity and how I overcame this fear check out “The Illusion of Money” by Kyle Cease).

Wrapping my mind around the concept of not going to work was also something I’d been struggling with. Would I be still be relevant? Would I still feel a sense of importance in being me?

And so, as procrastination due to decision fear has it, I kept putting off sending in my retirement notice and delaying letting my team know my plans. I was too afraid to take the plunge and make a decision.  

Decision fear has many faces. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. Fear of taking a risk. Fear of uncertainty. Fear of what people might think. Fear of disapproval. Fear of failure. This natural primitive emotion can really keep us stuck.

Does decision fear ever keep you from making that decision to move forward? Does it keep you from taking a risk… from becoming your best and most authentic self? Does it ever keep you “safe” in your comfort zone? Does it keep you paralyzed, hidden in the shadows rather than living your life out loud? Does fear of other’s expectations keep you immobilized and safe in the status quo?

What about that sneaky fear of success?

Robin Sharma once wrote, “Making no decision is a decision. To do nothing. And doing nothing always brings you to nowhere.”

As you can see, I finally pushed aside that decision fear and did retire… with an exciting and whole new journey ahead.

This week… make that one decision you’ve been putting off. Make one move that isn’t driven by fear. A decision that brings up this little bubble of excitement from deep within yourself. A decision that gets you moving a bit out of your comfort zone and on your way to becoming your true authentic self.

Your journey continues, so get ready to spark some magic and change in your life!

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