Nourish Your Soul

Who am I? And why am I here?

As we carefully examine this question, it can take us on the start of a self-care journey that will begin to nourish our soul.

If you’re like me, you’ve let a great deal of life go by taking care of others… and not taking care of yourself. The busyness, living life like we’re somehow in a race to the finish line; filling our days with obligations and responsibilities, and then falling into bed with exhaustion at the end of the day only to get up tomorrow and start it all over again.

Perhaps you’re not even aware that’s how you fill your days. Perhaps you’ve tried to take a little time to nourish your soul and take care of yourself in the past and someone has accused you of being selfish and self-centered. Perhaps you grew up believing that taking care of yourself is somehow egotistical and wrong.

Society certainly has a way of placing expectations on us if we allow it.

Self-care is more than chocolate and bubble baths. Vital for your well-being, we know that taking time to be alone and enjoying our own company is essential to building stronger relationships. Yet, balancing the tightrope of self-care and listening to others’ judgment of your decision can leave us in a quandary.

We could ask ourselves: Why would anyone have criticism or judgment on our personal choice of self-care? Why does it matter to them?

This week… give yourself the gift of a date night… a date night for one. Treat it as a special occasion, the same as if you were going on a date night with someone you care about. Choose a place you’d love to go – whether it’s a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to check out or a little picnic at your favorite park – and take this time to nourish your soul. No devises. No books. No music. Simply breathe, and ask yourself, “Who am I? And why am I here?” And then listen to your thoughts. It will help anchor you to the core of your being.  

Your journey continues, so get ready to spark some magic and change in your life!

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