The Impossible Dream

On a warm June evening in 1973, nearly 200 high school seniors milled about their school for the last time. Today was graduation day. Caps were carefully placed on freshly styled hair… graduation gowns flapped gently in the breeze.

Tears glistened on faces with each hug; fists pumped with nervous excitement. Girls walked by holding bouquets of flowers while boys stood tall, their faces making a strong attempt to hold in tearful emotions as was the custom of the day.

As the band got ready to play and the choir gathered to sing, you could feel the emotional energy of the students on this night filled with dreams, excitement, wonder, and awe.

High school graduation. Everything that was familiar; everything that was predictable and comfortable was about to change from the life they’d known for the past 12 years.

“The Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha was the song this graduating class unanimously voted for to be “their song” that year, a song filled with courage and determination to ignite our spirits and make our world a better place.

There were parents who had prepared their graduating seniors for success… parents who’d given their seniors the right tools, encouragement, and opportunities. These seniors launched fairly easily to begin their next journey in their young adult life.

For others, life was a bit more of a struggle as they learned how to become an adult through trial and error and make their own way in the world. Their journey was more often than not filled with struggle and bumpy paths as they learned the hard way how to discover their dreams and then navigate themselves in that direction.

I know because I was there.

I still hear the lyrics to this song and get a tear in my eye. And as I’ve discovered, there is no impossible dream. We each need to be bold as we find our dream and follow our star.

This week… find a young person and encourage them to look past their impossible dream and reach for their own star. Kids can’t have too many coaches, mentors, family, and friends who care about them and who are there to listen and help guide the way. You’ll be glad you did.

Your journey continues, so get ready to spark some magic and change in your life!

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